Sauerkraut Soup with Dollops of Caviar-Cream



1 LARSEN Tuna Fish Spread (100g tube in the refrigerated section)
1 LARSEN German Caviar, black (50g jar, in the cooling section)
75 g Smoked, streaky bacon
1 T Oil
1 Onion
1 T Tomato paste
500 g Fresh sauerkraut
1 T Vegetable broth (instant)
0,25 l Dry white wine
100 ml Cream
1 T Potato starch
150 g Whipped cream
8 Slices baguette
2 T Butter
Cayenne pepper, salt
Parsley to sprinkle on

Level of difficulty: Medium
Preparation time: approximately 20 min.



Finely dice bacon and sauté in hot oil. Peal onion, finely dice, and together with the tomato paste, add it to the bacon. Add sauerkraut, broth and wine. Bring it all to a boil and let cook for 10 min. Season the soup to taste with cayenne pepper and salt.

Mix 100 ml cream together with 1 T potato starch and add it to the soup. Whip the rest of the cream until it is half stiff.

Lightly toast the baguette slices in a buttered pan. Arrange the warm slices with the tuna fish spread separately.

Ladle the soup into soup plates, garnish with cream and caviar. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.


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Andalusian Tomato Fjord Mussel Soup

2 LARSEN Fjord Mussels in Tomato Sauce (200g jar)
1 Tin whole tomatoes (800g)
1 Onion
2 T Olive oil
100 g Cream
½  Bunch thyme
4 cl Sherry medium
Salt, pepper

Level of difficulty: Medium
Preparation time: approximately 30 min.



Peel and finely dice onions. Let tomatoes and fjord mussels dry, save the juice of the tomatoes and coarsely chop tomatoes. Wash thyme (set several stems aside for decorating), pluck the leaves from the stems and finely chop.

Heat olive oil, add diced onions and sauté until translucent. Pour in the juice of the tomatoes, add chopped thyme and bring to a boil.Add chopped tomatoes, and fjord mussels, heat together, briefly season to taste with salt and pepper.

Whip cream until stiff, add sherry and stir it into the whipped cream. Ladle the tomato fjord mussel soup into four soup cups, serve with a dollop of sherry cream and garnish with thyme leaves if desired.

The Soup Kick


1 LARSEN Smoked Trout in Vegetable Oil
1 Fennel bulb
1 Leek
1 Orange (organic)
2 Star anise
½ Container cream
½ l Vegetable broth
3 EL Rapeseed oil
Salt, pepper

Level of difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: approximately 20 min.



Take the trout fillets out of the tin and drain them in a colander.Rinse off and quarter one fennel bulb, cut out the stem and cut the quarters into fine strips. Set aside a few fennel leaves for garnishing.

Clean leek, rinse it off and slice the light ends into fine rings. Sauté fennel and leek rings in rapeseed oil. Add broth and star anise, bring to a boil and in a covered pot let boil for 8-12 min. until soft.

In the meantime rinse one organic orange under hot water and peel so thickly that the white skin is also removed. Cut out the fillets over a bowl, in this process collect the juice and squeeze out the rest of the orange.Take the star anise out of the soup and add a little cream.

Purée the soup with a hand blender. Add orange fillets to the soup and season to taste with salt, pepper and orange juice. Put the trout fillets in the soup and warm slightly.

Garnish with fennel leaves.

Uwe Meßner’s wine recommendation: The subtlety of this soup is enchanting and is perfectly rounded off with a glass of Green Veltliner from the Wachau region.

Cream Soup with Fine Matjes Herring


1-2 LARSEN Fine Matjes Herring Fillets (125g package in the refrigerated section)
1 T Butter and olive oil
3 Spring onions (or 1 onion)
200 g Leek
1-2 Apples
1 Dash of lemon
500 g Celery root
100 ml Apple juice
500 ml Fish stock
200 ml Cream
100 g Processed cheese
1 Pomegranate
1 Pinch of chili
approximately ½ T sugar
Salt, white pepper



Clean and wash spring onions, leek, celery root and apple, peel and cut into small pieces. Set some of the celery root and leek aside to add to the soup.

Heat butter and oil in a pan, sauté all finely chopped ingredients at medium temperature. When the ingredients are slightly translucent, top up with the fish stock and the apple juice. Let simmer for approximately 15 min. Then add the cream and the soft cheese to the soup. Mix with a hand-held blender and pour through a fine sieve.

Season to taste with salt, white pepper, chili and a little sugar (not too sweet!).

Cut 4 T of fine strips of celery root and leek and cook al dente in 1 T butter and a little fish stock.

Cut open the pomegranate, use a spoon to remove the seeds.

Drain the matjes herring fillets, dab them off and cut in fine strips. Serve in a bowl on ice, so that at the table everyone can serve themselves the matjes herring strips.Arrange the soup, place the warm vegetable strips with the pomegranate seeds in the middle of the plate. Those who desire can also put some of the whipped cream on the soup.

Preparation time: approximately 30 min.