Spaghetti with Tuna Fish Spread


1 LARSEN Tuna Fish Spread (100g tube in the refrigerated section)
1 Leek
4 Beef tomatoes (approximately 600g)
50 g Black olives (brined)
3 Branches of fresh thyme
2 Branches of fresh rosemary
2 T Tomato paste
500 g Spaghetti
2 T Capers
4 T Freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Salt, pepper

Level of difficulty: Medium
Preparation time: approximately 30 min.



Clean and wash leek, cut it in thin slices. Wash tomatoes, cut them crosswise on the core side and scald them with boiling water. Then rinse tomatoes with cold water, pull off the skin, quarter, core and coarsely dice.

Pit olives and cut in fine strips. Wash herbs, let them dry, and pluck them from the branches; retain a branch of each for garnishing.

Heat olive oil in a pan, sauté the leek in the pan until translucent, add tomato paste and heat everything briefly. Fold in the tomato pieces and herbs, allow the sauce to simmer for approximately 5 minutes, then remove from the stove.

In the meantime cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water as specified on the package. Add olives, capers, and tuna fish spread to the sauce, stir the ingredients in and season to taste with salt and pepper. Pour the sauce over the spaghetti, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and decorate with the retained branches of thyme and rosemary.

Apple Fennel with Fine Matjes Herring


2 LARSEN Fine Matjes Herring Fillets (package with 125g fish in the refrigerated section)
200 g Sour Cream
2 Medium-size fennel bulbs
2 Medium-size apples
25 g Butter or margarine
50 g Bacon (smoked ham)
1 Bunch of smooth parsley
Salt, pepper
Level of difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: approximately 15 min.



Clean fennel and apples, wash and cut in slices. Sauté the fennel for approximately 7 minutes in hot grease. Add the apple slices and cook for an additional 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Fry the bacon in a coated pan until crisp, let cool and finely crumble.

Wash and finely chop the parsley. Sprinkle both over the apple-fennel, arrange with the matjes herring on a plate and serve with the fresh and spicy sour cream.

Ravioli with Shrimp Cream Filling


1 LARSEN Shrimp Spread (100g tube in the refrigerated section)
300 g Flour
3 Eggs
½ T Salt
50 g Ricotta cheese
25 g Chopped pistachios

For the sauce:
1 LARSEN German Caviar, black (50g jar, in the cooling section)
1 EL Butter
1 Onion
¼ l Vegetable stock
200 g Sweet cream
3 T Light sauce thickener
Juice of 1 lemon
Level of difficulty: Challenging
Preparation time: approximately 40 min.
Wait time     1 h





Knead flour, eggs, salt and 1 T water to form a smooth pasta dough. Wrap in foil and let it sit at room temperature for ap-proximately 1 h.

In the meantime, finely grate ricotta cheese and mix it together with the shrimp spread and the pistachios. Thinly roll out the pasta dough on a floured work surface (approximately 50 x 50 cm), cut it in half. Use a teaspoon to place the filling at 2-3 cm intervals on one of the dough halves.

Brush the intermediate spaces with a little water and cover with the second dough half. Use the handle of a long stirring spoon to press the intermedi-ate spaces. With a pastry wheel cut out ravioli 5-6 cm in size and cook them one serving at a time in plenty of boiling salted water 5-6 min.

For the sauce, sauté a small chopped onion in butter. Pour in stock and cream, bring to a boil and thicken with sauce thick-ener. Season to taste with lemon juice, salt and pepper.


Decorate with LARSEN German Caviar to your taste.

Matjes Herring Burgers


1 LARSEN Onion Matjes Herring Fillets (200g package in the refrigerated section)
4 Lettuce leaves (iceberg or butterhead lettuce)
2 Large rye buns
1 Beef tomatoes
40 g Cucumber
½ Onion
2 T Sour cream
2 T Salad cream
1 T Butter
Salt, white pepper
Fresh dill

Level of difficulty     Very easy
Preparation time     approximately 10 min.



lCut buns in half. Butter the lower half and cover with lettuce.

Cut the onion half in rings, slice washed tomatoes and cucumber.

Distribute dry onion matjes herring fillets, tomatoes, and cucumber slices, as well as onion rings on the bottom halves of the buns.

Mix sour cream with salad cream, salt, and pepper.
Season with fresh, finely chopped dill and distribute on the prepared half of the buns.

Cover with the top half of the buns.



Herb Matjes Herring Mediterranean


2 LARSEN Herb Matjes Herring Fillets (200g package in the refrigerated section)
each 1 Red, green, and yellow bell pepper
2 Onions
1 Small aubergine
1 Zucchini
2 Garlic cloves
3 T Olive oil
3 T Sherry vinegar
75 ml Dry white wine
1 Small baguette
4 T Herb butter
1 T Herbes de Provence
Salt, pepper
Pinch of cayenne powder

Level of difficulty: Medium
Preparation time:  approximately 20 min.
Steeping time: approximately 1 h


Clean and wash bell pepper, aubergine and zucchini, peel and finely chop garlic and onions. Dice bell pepper, aubergine and zucchini in 0.5 cm pieces.

Heat up the pan. Sauté diced bell pepper, garlic and onions in olive oil at high temperature for approximately 5 min. (al dente), then place on a baking sheet.

Also sauté diced zucchini and remove from the pan. And lastly, briefly sauté the diced aubergine.Briefly reheat all the vegetables together and pour over with salt, pepper, a little chili, herbes de Provence, Sherry vinegar and wine.

Steep cold for approximately 1 hour and again season to taste. Slice the baguette, spread with herb butter and bake under the broiler until crisp.

Place the cold vegetable salad on the warm baguette slices and top with several herb matjes herring fillets.

A dry sherry is a good accompaniment.