Due to its health-promoting characteristics, such as valuable unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, fish is recommended by governments throughout the world as part of a balanced diet. Eating fish two to three times a week, or eating 30 grams of fish a day reduces the risk of heart attack by as much as 50 percent.

We make no compromises where the quality of our products is concerned. We process only carefully tested and fresh raw materials. Our customers appreciate this, throughout the world.

Our Quality Team monitors all production steps and ensures that only faultless products leave our facilities.

We strive for the highest quality standards and are certified in accordance with many international directives; these quality standards are regularly verified and certifications are renewed through external audits.

We impose the most rigorous requirements for selection of our raw materials. Consequently, we not only test all ingredients for quality at purchase and prior to use, we also execute continuous checks of all production stages.

We have a relationship of trust with our suppliers, and we also expect from them that they comply with the high standards so that we can manufacturer products at a consistently high level.

Thus we guarantee uniformly outstanding quality and freshness of our products and present ourselves as a reliable and competent partner for seafood and fresh products.